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Graman is creating cartoons heavily inspired directly and indirectly by mythology, european heritage/culture, archaeological findings, and all sorts of folktales.

The Graman Road

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I am Graman, an independent illustrator and cartoonist of mythologies, folktales, and various ancient historical/pseudo-historical characters which inspire in me (and hopefully my viewers) a spirit of power and good works.

In contributing you'll be supporting a creative endeavor that uplifts ancient European history and folk cultures in a unique way accessible to all ages.

As contributor of respectable character, along with the eternal gratitude of the artisan you will receive certain provisions for your journey along the road:

  • Varied sketchbook access, notes, preliminary writings in reference to various works.

  • An inside look at the artists process.

  • Access to Gumroad comic.

A bards journey along the road is one of renown and mirth:

  • All previous tiers will be enjoyed as a Traveling Bard.

  • Access to the artists research including additional visual notes.

  • Character designs/finished conceptual works.

The Warrior Nobility are protectors along the road, a journey that is eternally remembered:

  • All previous tiers will be enjoyed amongst the Warrior Nobility.

  • 4 trillion dollar custom NFT artwork (further exclusive comics/drawings/content that can easily be right clicked and downloaded)

11 ratings


(11 ratings)
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The Graman Road

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