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The Death of Conchobar - 6

"Cet, however, went until he was in the midst of the women. He adjusts the brain of Mesgegra in the sling, and throws it so that it hit the crown of Conchobar's head, so that two-thirds of it entered his head, so that he fell upon his head forward to the ground."

The sling appears to have been a common weapon on the battlefield of ancient Ireland. Again, from the text of the first volume of Joyce's A Social History of Ancient Ireland, we are presented with a fantastic description which illustrates the precision and efficacy that the sling and sling-stone were used in the hands of skilled warriors from the ancient past:

"The accounts, in the old writings, of the dexterity and fatal precision with which Cuculainn and other heroes flung their sling-stones, remind us of the Scriptural record of the 700 chosen warriors of Gibeah who could fight with left and right hand alike, and who flung their sling-stones with such aim " that they could hit even a hair, and not miss by the stone's going on either side" (Judges xx. 16)."


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