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The Death of Conchobar - 7

"The men of Connaught are then routed to Sce Aird na Con. (i.e. the Hawthorn Height of the height of the Hound, not an identified location) The men of Ulster are driven eastwards again to the ford of Daire Dá Báeth. 'Let me be carried out of this! ' said Conchobar.' I shall give the kingship of Ulster to anyone who will carry me as far as my house.' 'I will carry thee,' said Cenn Berraide, his own attendant. He puts a cord around him, and carries him upon his back to Ard-achad ( "Highfield" near Newtown Hamilton, County Armagh) of the Fews. The attendant's heart broke within him. Hence is the saying ' Cenn Berraide's kingship over Ulster,' to wit, the king upon his back for (only) half the day."


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